I integrate all styles of massage into one custom designed for you and your needs.
Modalities included are body insight, deep tissue, NMRT, hydrotherapy, Swedish, myofascial, and sports massage.

30 minute massage                                                       30$
60 minute massage                                                       55$
90 minute massage                                                       80$
120 minute massage                                                     100$ 

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AromaTouch Massage                                                  65$
Aroma-Lymphatic (Great for detoxing your body)         55$
Hot stone (heated rocks used to massage)                  15$ added to any length of massage   
Shiatsu (acupressure massage while clothed)              50$   
Chair massage (onsite massage)                                 1$ per minute (Travel fee over 20 miles)
Sugar scrub                                                                   25$ or 15$ added to any massage    
Mud wrap (Deep sea mud with scalp massage)           100$                                              
Undertow special 2hr                                                    200$
          (Mud wrap, hot stone, and sugar scrub)

Gift certificates available for all
Discounts available for monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly massage

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